Welcome to my Speaking Page

I have been in marketing all my career, sitting in conference rooms with hundreds of executives from companies of all sizes. Having worked all aspects of a marketing plan, I understand what it takes to get noticed in an increasingly noisy world. Whether I’m speaking or consulting, my presentations are designed to teach and empower your team to embrace practices and mindset that produce results, and my teaching is based on the following principles:

  • Marketing should be fun!
  • Listen to the data- your opinion doesn’t matter
  • Foundation first, then execution
  • Message first, then platform
  • Simplify where possible: more of the 20 percent, less of the 80 percent
  • Ideation and innovation

Here are my presentations. Click a link below to learn more:

Everyone’s in Marketing

This is a two-part presentation to engage everyone in your organization around your marketing efforts. One to the entire team and the other to the executive or leadership team.

Fundamentals of Marketing

This presentation walks your organization through a simple, systematized approach to your marketing based on asking the right questions.

How I Can Help You

Seth Godin famously said, “Marketing is too important to be left to your Marketing Department.” Whether you’re a smaller startup or a large, fortune 500 company, you can benefit from teaching everyone to embrace marketing as part of their job function. I offer two presentations to companies are passionate about what they do. One for the entire company and the other for the leadership or executive team. I also offer an in-person, hands-on brainstorm with your full or executive team.

What you can count on from me:

Dependability. Expect prompt, professional friendly communication from the initial phone call through the signed contract.

Integrity. I will be 100% honest and ethical in all financial and transactional matters. I’ll say what I do and do what I say. From you, I will expect honest feedback during a brief post-event discussion to make sure I exceeded your expectations.

My best. From the preparation to the presentation and through the follow-up, I guarantee you will get my best work. I will do anything in my power to deliver the most valuable material that will help you accomplish the outcomes you seek.

All handouts, worksheets and follow up material will hold this standard. If your organization could benefit from any or all of this training, we should chat! Start by filling out the form below…