I’ve been blessed to be featured on some of the world’s biggest organizations, publications and blogs. Below are some examples of my latest work.

Teach the World to Respect Your Time

Did Your Marketing Stop Being Fun?

The Three Fundamental Principles of Achievement

Set Goals Without Feeling Overwhelmed

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One Relationship Strategy You Can Count

Is Kindness a Marketing Strategy?

When you think of business, what comes to mind? Cutthroat? Survival of the fittest? Dog-eat-dog world? Probably. Kindness? Probably not. While there’s merit to having a little spark in your personality, don’t overlook one of the...

Did Your Marketing Stop Being Fun?

For over 15 years, I’ve sat across glossy, cherry wood tables with frustrated executives and marketing directors to discuss their ultimate goal: attracting more customers. They were there because of a pain: their marketing isn’t...

Three Killer Marketing Questions

I've learned that one of the most powerful things you can do in marketing is to ask yourself the right questions. The reason for this is because asking the right marketing questions triggers your brain to search for the right...

Get Outside Yourself for the Best Insights

Let’s say I’m on a project and it’s taking up lots of time. I’m working late, putting in extra hours. I’m so close, but somehow I’m stuck. There’s one part that should be simple to solve and yet no matter how hard I bang my head...

Marketing is now a Gentlemen’s Sport

Once upon a marketing time, if you wanted to sell a product you went through the following process: First, you hired a big ad agency and paid tons of money to film a commercial (which, by today’s standards would be considered...