When your employees come on board, where were they trained to develop positive belief systems and habits, take charge of their environments, hold themselves accountable, keep commitments to their goals and effectively manage their time?

These principles are not taught in school and rarely taught in the workforce. Most employees have made little progress to master these concepts on their own. Many companies experience struggle to keep everyone on track, dialed in, engaged and focused. And with the barrage of distractions we face every day, it’s no wonder the problem is only getting bigger.


Check this out:

  • CareerBuilder recently released a study that organizations report as many as 2 hours a day per employee of lost productivity; with some over 3 hours per day
  • Two years ago, the Wall Street Journal noted that we are in the longest productivity decline since the 1970s
  • Gallop has famously reported that 70% of American workers are disengaged at work
  • Americans check their phones as many as 80 times per day
  • 95% of employees do not understand the company’s goals or what’s expected of them to achieve those goals

How can this be? If we have access to countless apps and technologies that allow us to do tasks 20 times faster than we did just a few decades ago, why are we not 20 times more productive?

The answer is in the principles, not the tactics. The most productive app in the world is still just a tool. Until everyone understands the principles behind the problem and how to master them, you’re not getting to the H.E.A.R.T of the problem. Even a thousand-dollar hammer won’t build a home without a skilled carpenter who knows how to use it.

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