Brainstorm Moderation

This is an interactive brainstorm designed to solve one main challenge your company is facing. The desired outcome is to create solutions that can be implemented right away and a commitment to do so. The resulting value is a series of ideas and solutions to solve the challenge and a renewed level of optimism surrounding it.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • Pre-meeting research and strategy call
  • If needed, assistance clarifying the problem to solve
  • One-hour energetic, in-person brainstorming meeting:
  • Review the rules of brainstorming
  • Moderate the group
  • Keep everyone engaged and participating
  • Push everyone for innovation/out-of-the-box thinking
  • Ensure everyone has a blast
  • Ideas and full notes typed up and delivered within seven days with additional research and fleshed out ideas where possible
  • Actionable items and assignments for appropriate personnel
  • Additional suggestions on idea implementation and execution

Improve problem-solving skills

By taking the “teach a man to fish” approach, not only do you develop exercise your problem-solving skills, but you also train your team to do the same, which is one step toward an ownership mentality.

Simplify your marketing process

If your marketing isn’t fun, you’re doing something wrong. We live in a very complicated world and it has spilled over to marketing systems. It’s time to get back to the fundamentals that make your marketing great.

Get at the heart of the issue

Learning the right questions to ask focuses you in on the right answers. Learning and implementing this new approach to your marketing will enable your team to stop guessing at what the problems are.


In such a confusing and fast-changing world, marketing can seem very complex. As a small business owner, your dreams are big and your resources are limited. I spent 15 years in a small business, doing marketing with and for small businesses. Throughout those years, I sat across from countless executives who experienced frustration because their marketing was not working. One thing I’ve learned is that marketing is simply asking the right questions at the right time in the journey. If you know what to ask, your mind and your team will seek the answer you need. When it’s done right, marketing can be the most fun part of your business. Otherwise, it’s typically your biggest nemesis. In this presentation, I bring your marketing back to what works: the basics. I walk you through the four phases: Foundation, Attraction, Transaction and Expansion. I give you the correct (and sometimes tough) questions you should be asking all along the way and help you discover which parts of your marketing process aren’t working. Here’s what you can expect:

  • How marketing is different today
  • Four key phases of your marketing process
  • The most important questions to ask all along the way and why they’re important
  • How to utilize a team approach to seeking out the answers
  • Putting all the elements together, including: your USP, KPIs, strategy, content and more


If you like what you see so far, let’s set up a quick call and discuss how I might help your entire organization become part of your marketing plan: