“Business has only two basic functions: innovation and marketing.” —Peter Drucker

Matthew Wilson, a 15-year creative marketing veteran and consultant, teaches organizations of the benefits of adapting an “Everyone’s in Marketing” mindset. His digital marketing training and techniques helps companies embrace the new era of marketing and sets them up to thrive in it. He works with marketing teams, executive teams and also training the entire organization to develop a marketing mindset culture throughout the company that fosters an ownership mentality and aligns everyone with one of your most essential elements: marketing.

In addition to digital marketing, Matthew draws from his career as an award-winning creative director to teach and moderate executive brainstorming sessions where teams learn the “rules” of idea generation and innovation. Matthew teaches that every challenge is just one idea away from a solution. He helps companies with regular brainstorming meetings to constantly explore the boundaries of what else can be done in an fast-changing digital world.

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